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Books Overview

Dentofacial infections
(141 pages ,2002)

A book for both under and postgraduate levels with an overview of important dental infections, the pathogenesis of these infections and the current concepts of how dentofacial infections can be diagnosed, prevented and treated

Basic implant surgery: concise &edited edition (55 pages ,2017)

A book intended principally for undergraduate dental students in their final year. It should be of interest to professionals complementary to dentistry seeking an introduction to the subject

Basic implant surgery : general edition (84 pages ,2014)

This book is suitable both for students & dentists taking postgraduate courses. The text is not intended to develop skills to the specialist level, but rather to help in preparingbfor examinations or clinical situations in which basic knowledge of the topic is required

Control of infection in the dental office (106 pages, 2003)

A set of guidelines that elaborate standard infection control precautions and procedures that oral healthcare workers should take to protect their patients, other oral healthcare workers and themselves

Exodontia :closed &open
(CD included) (272 pages, 2009)

A book that deals principally with mechanical, biological and operative procedures considered of proved worth in the successful extraction of teeth

Preprosthetic surgery
(46 pages,2014)

This book is designed for both the student and the general practitioner of dentistry. It gives an introduction to the broad field of preprosthetic procedures and serves as an introductory platform to the world of dental implants

Fractures of the maxillofacial skeleton (100 pages, 2010)

This book gives a clear , concise and practical overview of the management of maxillofacial injuries. This edition has been fully updated to include recent developments and improvements in facial trauma management with expanded sections on emergency and early treatment, soft tissue injuries and major maxillofacial injuries